What’s this ‘ear? Collecting Mullein Flowers


At this time of year the Mullein are starting to flower. Mullein are the tall, soft hairy leaved plants you see growing on disturbed soil like on the side of the road.

Their flowers are a wonderful herb for treating ear problems. I have just been picking some Mullein flowers on a steep hill on our property and adding them to some sweet almond oil that I had already infused with calendula. Mullein seems to remind you as you pick the flowers that it is for ears as the small amounts of orange pollen looks like earwax in the small yellow flowers, kind of like wax in the curl and temple of you ear!


Mullein is a super-useful plant (like so many!). Its leaves are also a famed remedy for bronchial problems. The tall stems and dried flowerheads used to be dipped in wax and used as torches. The fibre of the mullein would also be used to make candle wicks.

I will keep adding the flowers to the oil as they come out over the next week or so..then I will have a beautiful, handcrafted treatment oil for ears.

Thank you lovely Mullein.

What’s this ‘ear? Collecting Mullein Flowers

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